Professional Communication Skills - Writing and Presenting in Academia

Within the academic world and throughout all courses taught – writing and presenting are the two major skills and qualities students should master in order to create creative, yet critical papers, communicate ideas and of course to obtain credits.

Thesis writing, building up argumentations and creating proper outlines of papers and the basis of rhetorics are however often expected of students rather than taught to them. This course will tackle both professional communication skills in academia within four extensive sessions. It is intended for students who want to improve their English writing and argumentation abilities as well as polish their ways of presenting in class or generally in front of people.

Sessions 1 and 2 focus on a rhetorical approach to writing (finding topics, conducting research, creating proper thesis statements etc), as well as all the skills surrounding this discipline (MLA, drafting, revising, editing).   Sessions 3 and 4 will deal with presentation skills (body language, pronunciation, technological aids –PowerPoint and Prezi - ).